Respecting the environment is one of the purest forms of love.

Hotel della Piana likes to take care of its guests and the nature that surrounds them, from the green of the park in which it is immersed, to its ecosystem.
At Hotel della Piana, nature is not just the backdrop, it is the protagonist. We adopt eco-sustainable and green measures every day to minimise waste and preserve the beautiful landscapes that host us.

Charging stations for electric cars
Hotel della Piana confirms its green soul and offers its guests the possibility of recharging electric vehicles thanks to its brand new charging stations. Thanks to their elegant and compact design, the I-CON recharging stations blend in perfectly with the green ocean of Hotel della Piana. The one-hand, lidless system makes the inlets practical and functional, and allows users to easily connect the charging connector with just one hand.

To limit food waste, Hotel della Piana adopts a circular economy, and reuses all food waste produced by the Hotel, Bistrot della Piana, and Restaurant Napoleone. All waste is reused as organic fertiliser for our green ocean, avoiding the use of artificial products and fertilisers.

All materials used at Hotel della Piana reflect our philosophy, and so does our courtesy line. Here, you will find green and naturally sourced products made from recycled materials: from bottles, to toilet paper, to stationery such as bamboo pens, or paper made exclusively from recycled material, where available. The use of printed paper is limited, preferring digital format, both in the rooms and in the common areas, in full respect for the environment.

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